Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vera's 7th Birthday Party!

It was a blast! There was one major mistake though: the camera wasn't fully charged! We only got a few moments of Bow+ Arrow and that was it. Major apologies to everyone. Then again, if you weren't there, you'd be pretty jealous of how much fun it was. And you'd be drooling over the photos with our cakes. If I remember correctly, there was a banana sour cream cake, a cheesecake with blackberry topping and pink frosted orange vegan cake! So delicious. But oh yes, music, bands and art is why you are here:
Bow+Arrow played in the gallery and it was their first show as being a 3 piece again and my goodness, it was powerful. Definitely one of the most energetic bands in seattle that never fails to put a smile on your face. The drummer also put in a few quotes of wisdom about having true and sincere friends that are always with you. So fitting.
Next up was Choklate in the showroom. Unfortunately, she couldn't play with her full band but her voice (with recorded instruments) was BEAUTIFUL. Her set was something that Vera doesn't get to experience on a regular basis, but the audience loved her.
Just as she finished, the pinata was started. the area for the hitter grew with every swing. Some people are just nuts with the broom stick! aside from the rope breaking numerous times, the pinata finally broke and all hell broke loose for candy. What a second, all hell broke loose for pleasureboaters! oh! so awesome. most everyone on the floor was dancing!
Next up was Team Gina! Let me tell you, if you had one girl duo to see before you were never allowed to see a musical act again in your life, this would be it. they performed on the cat walk and mesmerized the audience with their stories/music.
Then came the cake eating! and candles were blown out! somewhere in there people won scavenger hunts and won super awesome prizes like getting free passes to any vera show and getting a pass to drink milkshakes with any staff member of choice! Originally, the winners were to be announced on stage, but we forgot to tell the winners that and they seemed to have wandered. So here is a list (please comment to be added!):

I forgot to mention one of the greatest parts! Dj Eli spinned! and he even beatboxed for Choklate. I was in the other room when i heard it and just brushed it off as an audio recording but then realized it wasn't. This kid is amazing. I think he should be picked up by someone and do major beats for all dem kids. youknowwhattaimean.

if anything was forgotten, sorry, it was just too awesome of a night to remember all the details. If someone took photos, please add them to the Vera flickr pool. Polaroids of the seacreature cut out count too!

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